4 Steps to Mortgage Success


Step one - Discovery Call (it only takes a few minutes)

Allow us to introduce ourselves. During this phone call we will explain, how we work, how we can help you and what to do next.

Please click the following link to book a discovery call or if you would rather call us please contact us on 01473 550591 and one of the team will be more than happy to assist.


Step two - Our Free Consultation

Now its time to find out more about you. At our offices we offer a free one hour consultation, this allows us time to find out exactly what you would like help with and by when.

Before we meet we will ask you to complete a small questionnaire. This allows us to conduct some research prior to our meeting, it lets us know a little about your personal circumstances before we meet.

By the end of the meeting you will know, how much you can borrow, how much its going to cost, what fees will be involved and

Step Three – Your mortgage

Once you’ve found a house to buy or you’re ready to start your re-mortgage application we will then carry out some extensive research, to find you the best mortgage for your circumstances.

Together we will sit down and go through the mortgage details, explain to you all the terms and conditions, but most importantly why it’s the best mortgage for you.

Apply and Update

Step four - Apply and update

Put simply we then submit your mortgage application directly to the banks underwriters. Our job doesn’t end once the mortgage application is submitted, we then contact the bank or building society twice a week to get the mortgage offer through as quickly as possible and keep you updated you every step of the way.