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remortgaging - how to remortgage

Why would you remortgage your property?

Reasons to Remortgage…   First of all, what exactly is a remortgage? A remortgage is the process of finding a different mortgage deal for the property you currently own. This could be with your current mortgage company, or a...
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moving advice - Suffolk mortgage company

Making moving day simple, with your unpack first box…

How to pack the perfect “unpack first box.”   We all know the larger items you need for a house move, we’re sure you’ve got big plans for styling your new home and you have in hand packing away...
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first time buyer advice

First Time Buyer – Jargon Buster

Moving home for the 2nd, 3rd or 30th time can be daunting.  Let alone moving into your first home! Packing up, flying the nest and going out on your own should be exciting. Now we know well enough here...
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Mortgage Broker Colchester, Ipswich | Fixed Rate Guide

Fixed rate mortgage For those of you struggling to know what different types of mortgage there are, here is a blog to get you familiar with a fixed rate mortgage. The easiest way to describe a fixed rate mortgage...
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Press Release – We have a new office

Today, despite the weather Fosters Financial have started March with a bang! Fosters Financial have today opened our third office, the second in Colchester. After much confusion we’ve managed to get the printer working and we’re ready to go....
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Mortgage Broker Colchester, Ipswich | Home Movers’ Guide

Looking for a new home?  Are you looking for your first home or looking to move to a new home and don’t know how to go about it? Well then, this is the perfect guide for you. In this...
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Mortgage Consultant Ipswich

Mortgage Consultant Ipswich | Your Guide to Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty Stamp Duty is the tax that you pay when buying a Freehold or Leasehold property or land in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. In this blog we look at how its calculated, when its paid and who...
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Mortgage Advice, Ipswich, Colchester

Mortgage Advice First Time Buyer Ipswich | Fosters Financial

The Benefits of Using a Mortgage Advisor In this weeks blog we look at the benefits of Mortgage Advice and how it can help you. Do I need a mortgage advisor? If you are buying a property or looking...
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Mortgage Application Ipswich | Tips to Get Accepted

5 Things you should do to appeal to an underwriter An underwriter is the person who will assess each mortgage application to determine if the risk of offering a mortgage loan is acceptable to the lender. They will have...
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Advice First Time Buyer Ipswich | Fosters Financial

Help to buy – The basics In this article we will focus on the basics of ‘help to buy’ after reading this article you will have some knowledge on how help to buy works, but don’t forget Fosters Financial...
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