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You’ve worked hard to build a successful business and a life you enjoy with the people you love. Now it’s time to protect it all.

I’m John Foster, a business owner, like you. My ambition is to protect more businesses in the UK like yours by focusing on the principles of trust, meeting the needs of customers, providing exceptional customer experience and providing a product that fits the needs of business owners not just now but in the future.

I know how important it is to protect the people that matter most in your business and life. To ensure that the necessary funds are in place and earmarked to support the business, my employees and my loved ones in case something happens to me.

That’s why Life Insurance is the signature product from Foster’s Financial.

Taking out Life Insurance is a smart move for any business owner, whether starting up, growing or scaling up. It protects the company from financial loss, liabilities or instability in the case of serious misfortune or in the case of death.

It can help you in maintaining your business during turbulent times, by providing short-term cash flow which keeps the doors open, keeps your operations running and keeps your employees, clients and suppliers happy.

From a personal perspective, getting life insurance is one of the best decisions you can make on behalf of your family to ensure you have a detailed contingency plan. It will create more peace of mind knowing that your family and legacy will be protected.

We understand that getting life insurance is all about ensuring there is a perfect fit based on your requirements, your family and scope and scale of your business.

Foster’s Financial are experts in this space. We will help you evaluate your individual life insurance needs based around our ‘F Factor’ Process to ensure that your financial risk is adequately measured and you take out the appropriate level of cover.

Our promise to you is that the process of taking out Life Insurance is:

  • Easy To Understand
  • You Will Be Able To Talk Through Your Requirements With A Real Person
  • You Have The Option To Pick The Right Insurance From A Range Of Categories

At Foster’s Financial we provide Five Life Insurance products to meet the requirements of individual business owners, their team and loved ones.

Our team of experts will advise you on the best product to meet your needs so book your FREE consultation today by clicking here and we’ll call you back to book an appointment 


Relevant Life Cover


Key Person Insurance


Shareholder Protection


Partnership Cover


Buisness loan Cover


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