Buy to Let Mortgages

buy to letIf you’re expanding your portfolio, or buying your first investment, more than likely you will need a mortgage. This will need to be a buy to let mortgage as opposed to a residential mortgage, they are different and work on different principles.

In essence a buy to let mortgage borrowing is calculated differently to a residential meaning that the banks look at different factors to assess how much you can borrow.

Whether you are purchasing the property using a company or on an individual basis we have an array of products to help you, with access to the whole of the market you can be sure you’re getting the best choice.

As with residential mortgages, different banks will be prepared to lend you different amounts of money. Our job is to find the perfect mortgage to match your circumstances.

With so many buy to let mortgages on the market, it's not always easy to know exactly which lender is best for you. Our resident buy to let experts will provide you with advice on which product best meets your requirements.

We manage the application for you, from the very start until the very end. Your personal adviser will keep you updated all the way through so that you know exactly what’s going on.

When purchasing your first or another buy to let it’s really important to understand not only the costs but the taxation implications too. We are more than happy to recommend a local accountant, who can sit down with you and provide you with the proper advice.

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