Insurance – Protecting your Future

insurances In the excitement of buying or remortgaging your home, it is easy to lose sight of insuring the investment you have worked so hard to achieve. At Fosters Financial we work with you to not only achieve your dreams and aspirations, but to protect them too.

At any stage in life accidents can happen, illness can strike, or life can take an unexpected turn. As an insurance broker we will help you design a package that provides you with a level of cover that makes you and your loved ones feel protected and secure.

Thinking about what the effect would be if the main breadwinner lost their income or if they were no longer with us is whilst unpleasant, extremely important. Many people have sick pay for a certain period, but what would happen when this stops?

  • What effect would this have on your household?
  • How would you ensure you could pay all the bills on time?
  • What would the consequences of this be?

Having worked so hard to achieve your home do you really want to put it all at risk if the worst-case scenario happens?
Cover doesn’t have to be expensive, our job at Fosters Financial is to provide you with a level of cover that makes you feel comfortable and secure but at the same time working to your budget.

We offer an array of policies including life and critical illness cover, income protection, household insurance and many others. We like to sit down with our clients, face-to-face and offer you a number of different options, to suit your personal requirements. Fosters Financial. Securing today, protecting tomorrow.

*As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply