#throughthekeyhole Top tips on becoming a successful Landlord…

Becoming a Landlord – Great ways to ensure your tenants are happy…


Safety First – This is your legal duty, however, making sure your tenants know that you’ve put it at the top of the agenda, from the foundation of their property, all the way up is also important, document, display and discuss the improvements and checks you have done. Going beyond the basics, and offering peace of mind is a great way to allow your tenants to see value in your property.

Stay neutral – Everyone has differing tastes, and rental properties aren’t always the easiest to personalise, however, decorating your property in a neutral way, will allow your tenants to live somewhere, and not feel like it’s someone else’s home. The neutral colours will allow them to add in furniture that truly suits their style.

Communicate – Communicating correctly from the start, be it through a great agent or directly with you is the best start to your relationship with your tenants, building that trust that if they need help with the property, they’ll be able to get it asap!

Be competitive – Knowing your market, is key, which we know you already know. However ,getting the best deals on your buy to let mortgage, and on your insurance, will mean you can offer the best deals to your tenants.



This is where we can help! Finding you the best rates, so you can focus on your ability to makes this venture a success for you and your tenants, is exactly what we’re here to do. Want to some help with buying your first property, or saving on your current property? Then get in touch!


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