#throughthekeyhole 5 easy ways to make a house a home…

5 easy ways to make a house a home…


Moving home is one of the biggest events any of us go through in our lives, moving into a new house is often exciting yet also a big change.

We’ve got five great ways to make sure this upheaval is kept to a minimum and you’re quickly turning your new house into a home.

So here they are 5 easy, low cost ways of making your new house a home…


  1. Photos

Photos are a great way of making your mark and making it fast. Picking some favourite memories is a fantastic way of making your space feel like yours.


  1. Find a space that’s all yours


Don’t just concentrate on the spaces there to serve a purpose, i.e. the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Finding a space to pick up your favourite books, play games or even sit down and catch up with friends is a lovely way of making the space feel more personal to you. From reading corners, to a games room, put a stamp on it!


  1. Don’t wait for the house to be perfect –


If you have bought a project home, or it’s just not quite right and you’ve got some work to do, don’t let that stop you from inviting friends and family round to start creating some memories. They’ll forgive the “not-to-taste” carpets and curtains, and you can start to feel like your home is a place you love to be.


  1. A more sensible one – yet a must.


Change over the locks, when you first move in get new locks on the doors, to ensure you know exactly who has a key and doesn’t. It’s a nice way of feeling secure and getting settled in.


  1. Scents and smells

Candles, air fresheners, even washing powder, anything that has a smell that makes you calm or brings back memories, is a great way of making your space feel just that little closer to what you imagined home would feel like.



Or, perhaps you are you still searching for your next home?


If you’re still looking for your next home and want some advice and guidance, we’re here to help. Our free initial consultation is a great way of getting to know us, and to let us get to know you. We’re here to make the move as simple and straightforward as possible so you can get to work making your house feel like home.

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