#yourguideto The cost of moving home…

#yourguideto The cost of moving home…


If you’re moving home, you’re most likely already familiar with the list of things to do, from changing details to packing boxes.

However, one of the key things to understand are the costs of moving home, some you may not even know effect you.

We’ve put together a helpful collection of the main costs you should be prepared for…


Survey –

This price ranges from a basic inspection of the house to a more in-depth inspection (usually used for older, less conventional properties.)

You should expect the price to change, depending on which survey you opt for.

£250 – £650

Getting on the road –


Removal costs are something to consider, yet also something you can have control of dependant on budget – from hiring a company to help at each and every stage, to hiring a vehicle yourself to get you on the move and all packed up, it’s certainly something to consider.

£100 – £700.

Stamp Duty


Depending on your property type and buying status, Stamp Duty will most likely be something you have to add into your budget if your new house value is over £125,000 rates start from 2% up to 12%.

£0-£125,000 0%
£125,001-£250k 2%
£250,001-£925k 5%
£925,001-£1.5m 10%
£1.5m+ 12%


Rates are different if you are buying a second property.


Mortgage Broking, arrangements and transfer fees.


These are fees will vary, however when using a mortgage broker to find the best deal, arranging your mortgage and transferring the money there will be fees involved.

It’s always best to consider at least £1000-£2500 for these fees combined, however you should always get the price of these fees as quickly as possible so you don’t get a surprise bill.




Key to ensuring there’s nothing you need to know about your new property before buying.

£250 – £300.


Legal Costs


Of course, a solicitor will be involved in making everything above board and getting everything inline for the big move.

Again it’s key to finding out the cost of your solicitor as soon as you can. On average fees would amount to around

£700 – £1,200.


If you’re looking for your new property, and want to find the best mortgage to save you money, get in touch with us, we’re committed to searching the entire market to find the right mortgage for you.

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