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Remortgage deals UK

How does a remortgage work?

When you remortgage you change the current mortgage on your home by either taking out a new deal with your existing mortgage lender or switching to a new lender.

If you decide to move to a new lender before the end of your agreed mortgage term, you may have to pay a fee for doing so. But, with interest rates at record lows, there could not be a better time to remortgage and our expert advisors can help you discover whether switching to a new mortgage lender would be the best option for you.

No matter your reasons for remortgaging, we are here to help. Unlike the high street banks, we will take the time to understand your personal circumstances and search the whole of the market to find the best remortgage deals UK.

When you are happy to apply for your new mortgage, we will also manage the entire process for you; handling all the necessary paperwork and liaising with all the relevant parties, to remove the stress and hassle from you.

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Best remortgage deals
  • Remortgaging to release equity

    If you are looking to remortgage for home improvements or are struggling to keep up with your monthly repayments and want to pay off your debts, you may be able to access the equity in your property.

    Remortgaging to release equity is not the same as equity release, as you will need to get a larger mortgage. But, it can often be the cheapest way to raise funds and our experts can help you decide if it is the right decision for you.

  • New mortgage deal

    As the best deals only last for a fixed period of time, it is important to secure a new mortgage deal before it expires, to avoid being put on your mortgage provider’s standard variable rate (SVR), which will likely be much higher.

    Remortgaging can help you to save a lot of money over time and as whole of market mortgage brokers, we will ensure that you get the best remortgage deal for your needs.

  • Overpay mortgage

    If you have inherited a large sum of money or have recently received a pay rise at work and want to make regular overpayments, remortgaging could help you to reduce the size of the loan and get a much better rate.

    Our remortgage brokers can help you check whether there are any fees you will need to pay, and compare those to any potential savings you could make, before you decide to switch.

  • Remortgaging with bad credit

    If your current mortgage deal is coming to an end or you need to raise some cash and have had missed or late payments, defaults or CCJs, you may find that your mortgage options are limited. But, it is certainly possible with our help!

    As bad credit mortgage brokers, we have access to specialist mortgage lenders who cannot be found on the high street or comparison sites, and will gladly consider your application. As lenders will see you as a risk, you may have to pay a slightly higher interest rate initially. But, if you keep up with your repayments, you should be able to remortgage to a lower rate.

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