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Mortgages for UK expats

A UK expat mortgage helps non-UK residents living or working abroad to buy property in the UK. Obtaining a mortgage to buy a home in the UK or an expat buy to let mortgage to purchase a property for rent, can however prove difficult. This is because most High Street mortgage lenders will need to see a recent UK credit file.

Proving your income if you have been working overseas can also be tricky due to fluctuating exchange rates. If you have also not had an address in the UK within the past three years, it can pose even more of a challenge to lenders.

This does not mean that you cannot get a mortgage. But it does make you more of a risk to lend to, which is where we can help!


UK expat mortgages
  • UK expat mortgages

    Unlike many of the High Street lenders, our UK expat mortgage brokers take the time to understand your individual circumstances and use this information to find you the best mortgage for your needs.

    As expat mortgage lenders will see you as a risk, you may have to pay a higher rate of interest initially. But you should be able to remortgage to a better rate, if you keep up with your repayments.

  • Expat mortgage brokers

    When you are happy to apply for your recommended mortgage, your dedicated expat mortgage broker will manage the entire process, to ensure it is a complete success.

    Interested in seeing how we could help? Speak to one of our expat mortgage brokers or book your free consultation here today!

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