Selling your home fast

News 22.04.2019

John Foster

Our top tips to help your home stand out from the crowd and set the right impression to potential buyers.

Tips for selling your home

Selling your home is no mean feat and making the right impression is sometimes half the battle. Of course, you are never going to convince a buyer to go for your property, if the home is not right for them. But, if it is a choice between your home and another property, then making some small changes could help them with their decision.

A lick of paint

Adding a fresh layer of paint is a fantastic way to set the right impression from the moment your potential buyers arrive. Neutral colours will please a majority of buyers, so the minimalist approach is always best. This can also be a relatively inexpensive way of improving your home too, especially if you are willing to get stuck in yourself.

Show home standards

The show home approach is a great one to follow. Tidying away any clutter and adding little touches such as scatter cushions and fresh flowers, will help make potential buyers feel welcome. 

Get outside

The garden is one of the easiest places to impress without too much stress. Simply mowing the lawn, having some potted plants scattered around, and clearing away clutter, will give viewers a great insight into how they could enjoy the space themselves.


From fresh coffee, homemade bread, to a few plugin air fresheners, scent is incredibly important for first impressions, and again so simple to get right. If you are a smoker or have pets, making the house smell fresh is a must when selling your home.

Making your home more appealing to buyers is simple, but if you don’t feel that way about your mortgage, then we can help! Our team of experts deal with them everyday and know exactly how to get you the deal you want, without a fuss. So, get in touch to discuss your options today!